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Tofu is because of things like [[wikt:裘]] and [[wikt:意見]] being in the
dictionary. As with Malayalam issues reported on mailing list, I'm unsure how
to handle such "extraneous" "words" for all languages; though in this and the
Serbian's case we could "just" check the dictionary is in the main language's
script (if we know the language code...).

About vi, I was reading earlier this morning on Gentium: «version of the font
with redesigned diacritics (flatter ones) to make it more suitable for use with
stacking diacritics, and for languages such as Vietnamese».
How many languages have such complex diacritics and is there some generic
enough font? I doubt we can exclude words with diacritics, we'd only have 500
left out of thousands in vi's case. I'm uploading a new attempt with Arimo
font, please check if it's any better.

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