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> ISO code got does not make sense, tofu at
> image_5edb52ac_e04341dd3d25c8f8.png

Right. Maybe lies? I'm
getting more and more inclined to only use DejaVu. For the languages it doesn't
support we'd need to ensure native speakers like the font (e.g. by using ULS
fonts) but it's also quite hard to design image distortions that make sense
with those scripts.
If you know one of the following languages please speak up!

* bn Bengali
* chr Cherokee
* gu Gujarati
* hi Hindi (Devanagari script)
* mr Marathi (Devanagari script)
* sa Sanskrit (Devanagari script)
* ml Malayalam
* si Sinhala/Sinhalese
* ta Tamil
* th Thai 1%

Missing in FreeFont too:

* am Amharic
* bo Tibetan
* ja Japanese
* km Central Khmer
* kn Kannada
* ko Korean
* my Burmese (Myanmar)
* pa Panjabi/Punjabi
* te Telugu
* ug Uyghur 87%
* ur Urdu 92%

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