Commons has a policy dealing with neutrality, but it's very different
than that of, say, the Wikipedias - and is I would think even less
strict than what could reasonably be formulated for a travel guide.
They also have no policy on verifiability, except for requiring
verifiability of sources.  Wikiversity doesn't require NPOV on all of
their content pages.  I'm sure there are other WMF websites that do
not require NPOVness or verifiability.

I do not think NPOV/verifiability issues are at all a problem in
accepting a travel site in to the WMF fold - although it would be good
perhaps if they start citing the history sections.  I think a travel
guide fits in with the aims of the WMF, and I think that there would
be beneficial synergy between the existing travel guide community and
the existing Wikimedia community.

Kevin Gorman

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