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> I argued at some time that if there was a strong need for such a filter that
> there would already services in place that would filter the content or
> images. So far i have seen some very week approaches using the Google APIs,
> but no real filter lists. Judging from your approach to filter out Giant
> isopods, we see that there is no general rule what should be filtered. Some
> dislike X, others Y and the next one likes X and Y but not Z. Overall this
> results in the wish to have as many suitable filters as possible, which at
> the same time results in massive tagging work.

I don't recall seeing any, but did anyone actually explain why the
market had not provided a filtering solution for Wikipedia, if there's
actually a demand for one?

(IIRC the various netnannies for workplaces don't filter Wikipedia, or
do so only by keyword, i.e. [[Scunthorpe problem]]-susceptible,

I ask because of recent statements by board members that the filter is
alive and well, and not at all dead.

- d.

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