I think, perhaps, that the reform of the Wikimania bidding process could
use a new thread!

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On 30 April 2013 11:49, Yaroslav M. Blanter <pute...@mccme.ru> wrote:

> On 30.04.2013 01:12, Florence Devouard wrote:
>> Le 4/30/13 12:04 AM, Nathan a écrit :
>  In the past years, we have seen several times organizers of Wikimania
>> plain disappear after the event. Burn-out. I do not think it is a good
>> outcome. For no-one.
>> And I do not think it is a good idea to slap a chapter organizing
>> Wikimania this year with words such as "infant, minimal development,
>> fuzzy strategic goals" whose funding would be "at an absolute minimum,
>> mis-management and waste of donor resources".
>> Organizing Wikimania is an effort which deserve a little bit more
>> respect than this. Either we trust the chapter to host Wikimania or we
>> do not. I do.
>> And I think that even though you are free to think funding this
>> chapter would be a bad move, it would be a good move from a human
>> perspective to present apologies for using such a strong statement.
>> Florence
> My personal experience after being an active program committee member on
> the 2010 Wikimania Organizing Committee was that my activity there (and I
> believe in the end of the day we did a good job - for example, we managed
> to accept all submissions with a very few exceptions) was only appreciated
> by my fellow organizers. I have not heard any good words from anybody else,
> a lot of bad words were coming from all kind of corners, and nobody in
> 2011, 2012, 2013, or, for that matter, in 2014 ever contacted me asking
> whether I would have any interest to do this job again. In 2011, someone
> duly revoked my Wikimania wiki administrator flag saying smth like "not
> needed anymore", and nobody cared to thank me or even to inform me of that.
> I obviously decided afterwards that there are other, less painful ways I
> can be do my community service, and lost all interest in Wikimania
> organization.
> Cheers
> Yaroslav
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