Milestones are nice. They're one big reason for celebrating, once in a while. There are lots of others, but not all are this definable and publicly palatable. Quality projects of various kinds are ongoing all the time, and we need different kinds of "carrots" to keep up the community interest at svwp. We need to communicate our efforts in different dimensions, and this was also the idea in our press release statement some hours ago. Quantity and quality are no born enemies to each other, IMHO.

Personally I enjoy making small articles (in various subjects) larger and better. I think this is a common motivator to many of us, where the article creation can be a hassle with all the multidimensional stuff involved. Lsjbot makes my enlarging a bit easier. And the fact that Lsjbot now creates a fully sourced and categorised Swedish-language "wikispecies" inside of Wikipedia is a bonus.

Best of wishes,
/Per A.J. Andersson
(user: Paracel63)

2013-06-16, 16:03, skrev Federico Leva (Nemo):

Article count milestones are nice!
However, I remind those who were distracted in 2008 that article count is a largely irrelevant piece of our statistics since 2008; both and (plus the other project portals) don't use it at all to "rank" projects, etc.

Anders Wennersten, 16/06/2013 15:32:
Is it a coincidence that we now see the growth of these competent
botgenerated article in nl:wp, sv.wp and it:wp?

{{citation needed}}
To me it seems the other wikis are rather stable. There is no wiki in top ten with 50 % bot created articles and after (13th) you have to reach positions 20th (vi) and 24th (vi) to find similar amounts.


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