That would be very interesting and useful information
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The base fact figures for sv:wp is
Increase of views +23% on yearly basis, WM:DE +3, WMF:Fr +8 (all mature
wikipediauser communities), nl with +14 and wm:it with +16 also very good
figures (Spain Russia, and Portugal still in a built up phase have higher
.htm <>

Editor >1 and >5 somewhat up or stable, new editor up in Jan, Feb, March,
but down in April (eastertime)

Instead of just discussing this topic as always has been done, it would be
great to take advantage of the opportunity to monitor changes in the sv-wp
community as a result of this massive automated article creation.

For me it would be interesting to know:
1) current perception in the community about automated articles correlated
with the number of contributions by the person answering.
2) impact of the newly created articles: views, human edits done to those
articles (specially nr of bytes added), correlation with nr of previous
3) changes in the community after 1 year, survey of new members, of those,
how many registered after seeing a bot article vs how many after seeing a
human-created article?
4) some metrics about the article quality (maybe with AFT)

Otherwise the same arguments are going to be repeated over and over again,
year after year, without ever reaching a conclusion, or without ever
learning which impact those articles might have.

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