> Wil, I've been here ten years and I can't usefully answer your
> question "what's going on?" in a sentence (or a paragraph or an
> essay). You can only learn by participating. You can learn some things
> by reading all the justifiably-banned users have to say, but I'm not
> sure they're things that will stand you in good stead. Probably the
> best way to answer your actual question is to dive in, write stuff
> with references, add photos, etc. It's actually pretty good nerdy fun
> and I recommend it if you're the sort of person who read encyclopedias
> for fun as a kid.
> I'd definitely say there's no royal road to knowledge of Wikipedia.
> Dive in and do it and discover how lovely and infuriating your fellow
> humans are, really.

Thanks, David, and I agree 100% that there's a lot that I can only
learn by participating. That's one reason I'm here. :) I've also been
uploading sound loops to Commons, and I'm working on a few new
articles on various pet interests of mine. I think the one thing left
that Fae suggested I do is edit a BLP, IIRC. I know that there has
been some discussion about how to handle BLP's here and on WO. These
particular issues seem much harder to grok without some experience, so
I think Fae was on-point when he suggested I just dive right in.

I've also learned a lot from Wikipediocracy, but YMMV. :)


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