Perhaps the best way of doing this is the admittedly laborious method of
personally communicating with new editors who seem promising and
encouraging them and offering to help them continue. The key word in this
is "personally". It cannot be effectively done with  wikilove messages ,
and certainly not with anything that looks like a template. Template
welcomes are essentially in the same class as mail or web
"personalized"advertisements.  What works is to show that you actually read
and appreciated what they are doing, to the extent you wanted to write
something specific.

On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 2:19 PM, Ilario Valdelli <> wrote:

> Wikimedia ch is doing a big investment in supporting communities.
> There are three community liaisons (a third hired recently) to support the
> three national languages which are also within the biggest linguistic
> communities.
> Anyway there is not a unique solution to be adapted easily in user
> retention and recruiting because the world is varioius as it is the life.
> Regards
> Il 24/ago/2014 03:56 "James Salsman" <> ha scritto:
> > Is there a list somewhere of all currently active Foundation
> > initiatives for attracting and retaining active editors?  I am only
> > aware of the one project, "Task Recommendations," to try to encourage
> > editors who have made a few edits to make more, described starting at
> >
> >
> > I am not worried about pageviews at all, given that the trend is as
> > constant as it has ever been when mobile users are added in to the
> > total. Sadly, the greater number of mobile users appears to be harming
> > active editor numbers beyond their already dismal trend, so it would
> > be nice to have an idea of exactly how much effort the Foundation is
> > applying to its only strategic goal which it is not achieved, and has
> > not ever achieved. I am amazed that so much more effort continues to
> > be applied to the other goals, all of which have always been met
> > through to the present. What does this state of affairs say about the
> > Foundation leadership's ability to prioritize?
> >
> > Is there any evidence at all that anyone in the Foundation is
> > interested in any kind of change which would make non-editors more
> > inclined to edit, or empower editors with social factors which might
> > provide more time, economic power, or other means to enable them to
> > edit more?
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