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On 23 November 2014 at 14:52, Dariusz Jemielniak <dar...@alk.edu.pl> wrote:

> I am no certain that we could (or should) account for every 10% cut by
> apportioning it to something (10% because of governance, 10% because of
> lack of clarify of proposal, etc.). But of course this is not necessarily
> what you're proposing, you're asking for MORE detail, basically.

I'll comment on that at the end of my email.

> Please, observe that we did recommend Wikidata to be fully sustained.

Just to be clear -- I am not affiliated with WMDE. I've kept out of
chapter-related issues since I started contributing to the Wikimedia
projects in 2007, and I do not feel a need to change that. So when I'm
exemplifying a point here with the German chapter's proposal, that is not
due to my desire to argue their case, but I'm weighing in because I truly
believe that the process itself should be reflected. The fact that you
recommend to secure funding for Wikidata is therefore of relevance to the
German chapter, but not really something that matters to the case I'm

Also, remember, that all appeals are not going to the FDC at all - we will
> not have ANY opportunity to argue one way or another in case of all
> appeals. The Board will consider them, and will base not only on our
> recommendations, but also on the notes from confidential proceedings of the
> FDC committee (two Board members are non-voting observers). There is also
> an ombudsperson overseeing the whole process formally.

Ok. What I mean is that you can't make a substantiated complaint about the
FDC's allocation if the Committee doesn't indicate how it arrived at that

In any case, I understand that it would be more desirable to see every
> dollar cut connected to one item of our feedback. I am not certain, though,
> if we will be able to do so in the future in all cases (but we may try,
> when possible).

I'm not quite sure I understand that. Can you maybe explain how the
Committee does currently determine the recommended amount? I mean,
practically speaking. I would have guessed that you do discuss indiviual
aspects and quantify the impact on your recommended allocation.

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