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> All in all, this is
> unrestricted funding scheme - all of our recommendations are basically
> advice, we cannot really make demands on what needs to be expanded, and
> what needs to be shut down.

sure, I understand this, but I'm sure that you and the other members are
making such demands anyway (internally); my suggestion is to make that a
part of the deliberation process of the entire committee, and then put a
price tag to individual concerns. The chapter can still make its own
decisions about how to spend their money, but at least it facilitates both
the affected chapter's and the public's understanding of what's going on.

One more question on a somewhat different subject, if you allow: I was
wondering about your suggestion (to WMDE in this case, or to other chapters
as well?) to fund some projects (in this case Wikidata) outside of the FDC
process. Is this borne out of a general strategic consideration of the FDC
or is this something specific to the Wikidata project? In WMDE's case it
sounds a bit, well, dangerous from the chapter's perspective (obviously if
one moves the one big "success" out of the ordinary FDC process, this gives
the FDC completely free hand in setting next year's allocation at no risk
of endangering the continued success of Wikidata), but generally speaking
it does sound like an interesting approach if you're considering this for
other projects as well. I'm just asking because I haven't heard of such a
funding scheme before, and it doesn't seem to fit in any of the existing
grants programs of the WMF, right?

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