On 20 January 2015 at 18:23, Trillium Corsage <trillium2...@yandex.com>

> Thank you for informing me my opinion is wrong, but I'd appreciate
> specific refutation next time. The answer "dig through the logs and
> archives" will find no doubt many criticisms of Russavia including from
> many rabid and shifty accusers and drama mongers, but won't tell one why
> the WMF acted. "Do some homework and figure it out yourself" is no answer
> for an 100 million dollar organization with scores of employees to say.

I'm not a 100 million dollar organisation but in any case we have further
established that your interest is not in fact openness.

> You seem to have misread what I said. In such a case, the WMF could advise
> the editor of all that privately,

No. Your problem is that you are assuming internal WMF communications are
privileged (note this term has a very precise legal meaning and that is the
way I'm using it).

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