2015-05-28 17:38 GMT+02:00 Cristian Consonni <kikkocrist...@gmail.com>:
> This. in particular:
>> It would be good if the WMF would *try to set a good example* by following
>> the rules that it sets for others, itself.

(as a clarification, I strong agree with Liam, especially in the point above).

I also left out a relevant sentence from the FDC recommedation:
«The FDC recognizes that there have been some attempts by the WMF for
gathering community feedback, but believes that the current approach
has proven insufficient in generating a strategic vision. The FDC
strongly believes that there is a dire need for new ways to generate
strategies and a new strategic vision for the Wikimedia movement, and
urges the Board to make a significant effort to make sure that there
is a roadmap to transition to the next strategic milestones. »[1]

[1] (again) 

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