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> Yes I agree an example of what Wikipedia would look like if this
> regulation passed is an excellent idea. Could we base it on the geo
> tags?

Geotags on their own would be haphazard apart from certain types of
Wikipedia articles, such as those for notable buildings in Europe,
designed in the mid 20th century onwards. It is possible to put some
SQL queries together like this, but the resulting lists or statistics
would only ever be a small slice of relevant articles that could be

A simple analysis for Commons can be found at
which gives a sense of size, along with relevant Freedom of Panorama
(FoP) categories. However, as noted there, keep in mind that it is
probable that *most* public domain photographs that in some way rely
on European FoP provisions are not categorized in a way that we can
current track relevance to FoP, so statistics are going to remain less
useful than educated guesstimates.

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