Why not to focus on that technology instead of bots?
Then every Wikipedia could benefit from Lsjbot's sources, without polluting the article namespace but still providing information to readers and incentive to editors.
That is EXACTLY what Reasonator and AutoDesc already do.
Content would be generated on the fly so: no irreversibility, no out-of-date information.

Il 06/07/2015 11:24, Gerard Meijssen ha scritto:
I would not say that the Encyclopaedia Britannica is NOT an encyclopaedia.

The objective of Wikipedia is EXACTLY that it is read. Not that it is

You can argue all you like against bot generated articles but in the final
analysis it is doing a much better job than not providing information.
Arguably it is not needed to save them as articles because it is possible
to generate them on the fly based on information from Wikidata and cache
the results but that is EXACTLY the kind of technology that would bring
missing information to any Wikipedia without distorting the number of
articles for people who only care about editors and editing. It is EXACTLY
the kind of technology I would welcome the WMF to explore.

On 6 July 2015 at 11:09, Ilario Valdelli <valde...@gmail.com> wrote:


An encyclopedia in the first 10 places without a community is it an

Is the community important to say that wikipedia is wikipedia? In this case
these projects are demonstrating that Wikipedia can renounce to one of its

In my opinion the impact of Waray Waray or of Cebuan is a demonstration
that any "strange" language can have a big traffic if it is placed in the
first places of the ranking because it will be best ranked in search

But an impact is something that produces "effects" and "dissemination". I
don't see impact because the bot has increased only one measure (page view)
and nothing else.

If the impact must be produced with SEO, the parameters of evaluations must

It is different when a bot is running in an encyclopedia supported by a
"mature" community, because the articles will be improved in quality and
will generate more and more effects.


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