How much work would it take to write a tool that would create a stub article, 
given a species name, that would be usable by an ordinary user without special 

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From the perspective of a bot writer, and who proposed the automatic creation 
of a few thousand drafts for missing English Wikipedia articles for registered 
monuments in Wales (the proposal was resisted), I would rather see 
auto-creation tools limited to
*suggesting* stub articles on user request. A tool which suggested to an editor 
a missing article and gave them a reliably referenced stub, has the benefits of 
using available data to boost article creation, attracting newer editors to try 
article creation, and ensures that a person always remain responsible for edits 
to the encyclopaedia and can be approached about improvement.

P.S. Gerard, you have made over a third of all the posts in this thread during 
the day it has run, sometimes overlapping or repeating your earlier points, 
mostly about Wikidata. Perhaps you could take a moment to consider whether this 
helps to attract readers, and encourages non-regulars to participate, for 
slightly technical discussions like this?


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