I have pulled together the following table together for the past 360 days,
counting whenever an image was reverted by someone who was not the last
uploader, and then attempting to find any declared gender:

2014-2015 Commons file overwrite stats compared to gender

| sex           | count(*) |
| female-female |        1 |
| female-male   |      110 |
| female-none   |      426 |
| male-female   |      139 |
| male-male     |     1376 |
| male-none     |     5711 |
| none-female   |      479 |
| none-male     |     5289 |
| none-none     |    15716 |

Key: "none" means not set in user preferences, "female-male" means a woman
has overwritten a man's file and "male-none" means a declared male has
overwritten an account with no gender set.

I'd appreciate any views on whether there is any statistical meaning to be
pulled from these figures, apart from showing that men probably outnumber
women contributors by ten times on Commons.

If the email is displaying badly, you can find a wiki formatted table and
original generating SQL on the Commons village pump[1]. I thought this
would be of wider interest as though "image revert warring" is mostly an
issue for Wikimedia Commons, it is a very similar area of heated disputes
when compared to edit revert warring on Wikipedia projects. The question
popped up from someone interested in my long running 'significant reverts'
tracking report.[2]

2. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Fae/SignificantReverts

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