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> All of this could be read as "let's make a call for community input for
> the sake of political correctness, so the community thinks their opinion is
> important for us....but we have taken the decision several months ago
> anyway".
> M.
> El 04/10/2015 a las 02:38 a.m., Florence Devouard escribió:
>> Le 04/10/15 00:13, Nathan a écrit :
>>> Evidently the Signpost has scooped the WMF by revealing that Montreal has
>>> been selected for the 2017 Wikimania host city in a secret process that
>>> completed this past August. [1]
>>> It seems like the community could have been looped into this new method
>>> before it was a done deal.
>>> ~Nathan
>>> [1]
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>> As member of this community, I would to shortly comment in my individual
>> capacity.
>> The situation is completely embarassing. Yeah, it is.
>> The community met during Wikimania.
>> - We discussed committee membership.
>> - We discussed moving away from the current bidding process, which is, -
>> in our opinion, broken
>> - We discussed making Montreal our choice, to be announced at the
>> *earliest* convenience (keep in mind this was discussed in July), as part
>> of our new process but only after talking with the Montreal team
>> - We finally discussed a notion of location with global areas
>> Very rough notes of that meeting were posted on meta :
>> We closed that meeting with the following todos
>> - Ellie had to check with Montreal (which she did)
>> - James had to propose areas (which he did)
>> - the committee had to meet again a month later (which it did)
>> When August meeting came,
>> - we discussed and finalized membership (keep in mind that not all
>> members were in July meeting and not all members were in August meeting)
>> - Ellie informed us that Montreal team was happy to move forward and we
>> planned an announcement
>> - James proposed a set of areas, with propositions for the coming years
>> - James proposed a draft of announcement
>> The announcement of the new bidding system, the locations and Montreal
>> were in one document only. And the problem is that the committee did not
>> agree collectively with the area chosen, nor with the predetermination
>> proposed.
>> (I, in particular, indicated my (very) deep disagreement that middle and
>> south africa were completely excluded from the list. I expressed my
>> (serious) desire that the decision of the rotation places be not made now
>> by the committee, but with community input). The committee concluded that
>> 1) the draft announcement was to be reworked and that 2) we would announce
>> the new system and seek input from the community before its finalization in
>> the following weeks.
>> This was over a month ago. Since then, what happened ? We made some
>> improvements to the draft. Iolanda tried to push for the announcement of
>> the new process and of Montreal to be made. Ellie noted that the organizer
>> of Montreal was on a leave for 3 weeks and that she would prefer to wait
>> his return and a visit to Canada to finalize things more, and that she
>> would rather that the new process be announced as part of a larger
>> community consultation that would include discussion both about the program
>> and the future location, to be held in October.
>> And there you are... there is this...dual situation between ... the
>> community wanting to know as soon as possible, so as to weigth in the
>> decision... and the staff... who want to polish things as much as possible
>> before any public announcement and call for input. And of course... these
>> two tendancies are not fully compatible.
>> And a pinch of feeling of "non ownership" from committee members, as only
>> the Chair of the committee should be the one to finalize and send the
>> announcement.
>> Eh :)
>> Well, there you are. Now things are out.
>> We are indeed seriously considering Montreal pending a site visit this
>> month (october).
>> Josh, for the record, I am very sorry because I had no idea you were
>> preparing a bid. I thought only Montreal had been really.
>> This is actually part of the reasons why we wish to change the biding
>> process. We have seen too many teams work like crazy for weeks, even
>> months, to prepare a bid that will go nowhere because another city will be
>> winning. This is such a loss of energy and time ! We think it would be so
>> much positive to get community members to focus more on building a great
>> program more than on finding the proper venue/hotel/restaurant etc.
>> Hopefully, James will be available to post a clearer and complete message
>> early next week on that topic. Bottom line is that there is a community
>> consultation planned on that topic.
>> Again, I post this in my personal capacity.
>> Florence
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