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> ​this very statement highlights one issue that ​
> ​will always be a problem between Wikidata and Wikipedias. Wikipedia, at
> least in my 10 years of experience on en:wp is that when you have multiple
> sources that differ you highlight the existence of those ​sources and the
> conflict of information  we dont decide what is right or wrong.

There was an interesting Oxford Internet Institute article recently
discussing the potential problems that can result when Wikidata and/or the
Knowledge Graph provide the Internet public with a single answer: nuances
get lost, and provenance becomes obscured.


The underlying study, "Semantic Cities: Coded Geopolitics and the Rise of
the Semantic Web", by Heather Ford and Mark Graham, is here:


Moreover, I was somewhat surprised to learn the other day that, apparently,
over 80 percent of Wikidata statements are either unreferenced or only
referenced to a Wikipedia:


That seems like a recipe for disaster, given that Wikidata feeds the Google
Knowledge Graph and Bing Satori to some extent.

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