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> Some suggestions of things we can do:

Use the centralnotice.


Gerard said it too.
I understand that this is something unprecedented, as it was the Wikipedia
"strike" for SOPA/PIPA.
I don't know how diplomacy works: but I bet everyone in the world would be
scared when Wikipedia puts something in the most visible place in the
We could add a black ribbon to the logo, or use directly the CentralNotice.

I'd like to invite the Board and Lila and the whole Community to seriously
think about it.

A Wikipedian, a member of our community sentenced to death for believing in
our Mission and Vision is something extraordinary. I understand the caution
of setting a precedent, but I think it's worth it.

Also, remember: we have few days before we'll ask money again to all the
English-speaking countries.
How could we ask for money when we are not using the power that was
bestowed upon us by the very same spirit, love and courage that is
condemning Bassel to death?

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