2015-11-24 10:47 GMT+01:00 Andrea Zanni <zanni.andre...@gmail.com>:
> Use the centralnotice.


> A Wikipedian, a member of our community sentenced to death for believing in
> our Mission and Vision is something extraordinary. I understand the caution
> of setting a precedent, but I think it's worth it.
> Also, remember: we have few days before we'll ask money again to all the
> English-speaking countries.
> How could we ask for money when we are not using the power that was
> bestowed upon us by the very same spirit, love and courage that is
> condemning Bassel to death?

I strongly support this.

As for the precedent, recall that the Wikimedia Foundation supports
the users, we did this with User:Diu in Greece:

This is much more than a lawsuit.

A message I do not want us to send is that if you enough force or the
threat is big enough, then we, as a movement, will be scared away.


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