On 29/11/2015 00:37, Gerard Meijssen wrote:
It was from the Myanmar WIkipedia that a lot of data was imported to
Wikidata. Data that did not exist elsewhere. I do not care really what
"Freedom House" says. I do not know them, I do know that the data is
relevant and useful It was even the subject on a blogpost..

You may ignore data that is not from a source that you like. This
indiscriminate POV is not a NPOV.

Isn't the point that the data was taken primarily because it was available, and that there was no attempt to verify its accuracy. If I give you 10,000 images of lichen but before hand randomly switch the names of 2000 of them and add misleading geodata
randomly to another 2000 are the images useful as data? Would including them
improve NPOV?

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