With the expiration of the 2011-2015 Strategic Plan, many of us are
interested in future strategic planning efforts. With that in mind (and as
part of a series of interviews I'm doing to celebrate Wikipedia Day), I
interviewed Eugene Eric Kim, who designed the community engagement process
for that plan. I think the organization and the community has, probably for
a variety of reasons, lost track of much of what was learned during that
process, so I think a recap will be valuable. It's a 25 minute video -- and
if I may be so bold, I think it's well worth the time investment for
anybody interested in this stuff.

Wikipedia 15 for 15: Eugene Eric Kim

And beyond this video -- what do those who participated in the last round
(or those who have observed it) think the important lessons are? How should
we be moving foward?


p.s. Yes, this is licensed CC BY, and I will be uploading the whole series
to Commons when I get a moment!
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