I like the idea of a strategic plan for the movement and one for the
I think that is a good idea.

On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 12:22 PM, Pete Forsyth <petefors...@gmail.com>

> Thank you for the reflections, Yaroslav, Specific replies inline below.
> Pine, thank you for the invitation; actually, this video was done in
> preparation for my panel session at the Wikipedia 15 celebration, which
> will also be live-streamed later in the day. Eugene will be one of my
> panelists, and we will certainly dig into these issues! Please bring your
> own reflections and questions (and feel free to send them ahead of time so
> I can try to incorporate them into the main panel discussion).
> To Yaroslav's points:
> On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 7:51 AM, Yaroslav M. Blanter <pute...@mccme.ru>
> wrote:
> > On 2016-01-12 04:21, Pete Forsyth wrote:
> >
> >> And beyond this video -- what do those who participated in the last
> round
> >> (or those who have observed it) think the important lessons are? How
> >> should
> >> we be moving foward?
> >>
> >
> > I did not watch the video, but I did participate in the community process
> > and still have an iron barnstar sent by Philippe - my children are still
> > impressed.
> >
> Very cool -- I hope the barnstar becomes a treasured family heirloom :) It
> sounds like it was well deserved. And I hope you do watch the video --
> based on your comments below I believe you will find Eugene's design goals
> and reflections very interesting.
> 1) It was good that the process was structured from the very beginning:
> > there was a pre-process which helped to shape the task forces.
> >
> Agreed
> 2) There was little to not at all coordination between different task
> > forces. Not sure it was necessary, since it was pure brainstorming, but
> > still wanted to mention.
> >
> It seems to me (and Eugene or Philippe might correct me here) that the
> expectation was that "coordination" would happen somewhat organically,
> since it was hosted on a wiki. I did browse a number of the task forces at
> the time, and commented on a few, and some others were doing so as well.
> Perhaps there could/should have been a more focused effort to get
> cross-pollination, though?
> 3) It was not clear (at least not to me) what would happen beyond the task
> > force round. I tried to ask around but never got a satisfactory answer.
> May
> > be I just asked wrong people.
> >
> Again from my own, somewhat limited perspective: I believe the intention
> was for volunteers to play a stronger and more central role in the
> synthesis of the Task Force outcomes into a final Strategic Plan. Since
> this was the first time this was attempted, it's not surprising to me that
> this wasn't fully realized. I think a second iteration of this could be
> much more successful, as it could be informed by what worked well and what
> didn't the last time.
> 4) There was a bit too much noise (compared to signal), and organization in
> > the task forces was a bit chaotic - for example, in the task force I was
> > mainly active at somebody was (or claimed she was) appointed the task
> force
> > coordinator, but she disappeared after a week and never came back, so
> that
> > I took on the coordination myself and delivered some summary to the
> second
> > round - but nobody ever talked to me about this.
> >
> Ah, noise vs. signal -- always an issue in a community that values openness
> and inclusion! But again, perhaps there are ways to improve on the process
> so that it's easier to navigate toward the "signal."
> 5) It is good that Liquid Threads died. They should not be ever used again
> > for such process.
> >
> I'll leave my opinion on LT (and Flow) aside for the moment, but I do agree
> that using a discussion technology that was unfamiliar to a core set of
> constituents led to some confusion, and may have discouraged participation.
> (However, it's also possible that it encouraged some participation by those
> who were NOT familiar with wiki page discussion, and may have found
> threaded discussion a little easier to deal with.)
> 6) Despite some deficiencies I listed above it was definitely fun to work
> > on the strategic plan, and also I had an impression we are really shaping
> > things up, not merely rubber-stumping some pre-determined ideas. And that
> > was indeed a community-driven process, and I mean the whole community,
> not
> > just the English Wikipedia.
> I agree strongly with this, and am especially glad to hear that it was fun!
> Speaking for my own perspective, I started working for WMF during the
> process, and because of that I did not participate deeply -- I was in a
> transitional state between "volunteer" and "staff" and lacked a clear
> perspective in that time on how to appropriately use my voice. But I
> observed the process very closely, and talked a lot with Eugene and others
> about it. I do think it was a valuable exercise in helping both the WMF and
> community members see across languages, country borders, and project
> borders, and in learning to listen better to one another and develop a
> fuller understanding of the big picture. I believe the resulting plan was
> strongly reflective of common sentiments within our community; and even if
> imperfect, it's the first (and maybe only) time a document has really
> attempted to do that, and I think it did an admirable job.
> I remain hopeful that some day we will see a "Strategic Planning 2.0"
> effort that draws heavily on these lessons. I am increasingly of the
> opinion that volunteers should lead the effort to make that happen; and it
> might make sense to fully separate two ideas:
> * A strategic plan for the movement
> * A strategic plan for the Wikimedia Foundation
> -Pete
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