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And beyond this video -- what do those who participated in the last round (or those who have observed it) think the important lessons are? How should
we be moving foward?


I did not watch the video, but I did participate in the community process and still have an iron barnstar sent by Philippe - my children are still impressed.

Concerning the process itself:

1) It was good that the process was structured from the very beginning: there was a pre-process which helped to shape the task forces.

2) There was little to not at all coordination between different task forces. Not sure it was necessary, since it was pure brainstorming, but still wanted to mention.

3) It was not clear (at least not to me) what would happen beyond the task force round. I tried to ask around but never got a satisfactory answer. May be I just asked wrong people.

4) There was a bit too much noise (compared to signal), and organization in the task forces was a bit chaotic - for example, in the task force I was mainly active at somebody was (or claimed she was) appointed the task force coordinator, but she disappeared after a week and never came back, so that I took on the coordination myself and delivered some summary to the second round - but nobody ever talked to me about this.

5) It is good that Liquid Threads died. They should not be ever used again for such process.

6) Despite some deficiencies I listed above it was definitely fun to work on the strategic plan, and also I had an impression we are really shaping things up, not merely rubber-stumping some pre-determined ideas. And that was indeed a community-driven process, and I mean the whole community, not just the English Wikipedia.


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