Dear Siko,

Thanks for all your great work. We will miss you!

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Le 12 février 2016 02:24:55 CET, Siko Bouterse <> a 
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>Dear friends and colleagues,
>I’ve had the amazing privilege of serving this movement in a staff
>for the past 4 ½ years, but I’ve now decided to move on from my role at
>Wikimedia Foundation.
>Transparency, integrity, community and free knowledge remain deeply
>important to me, and I believe I will be better placed to represent
>values in a volunteer capacity at this time. I am and will always
>remain a
>Wikimedian, so you'll still see me around the projects (User:Seeeko),
>hopefully with renewed energy and joy in volunteering.
>This movement has become my home in so many unexpected ways, and I’m
>honored to have learned from so many of you. It was an amazing
>to have partnered with smart, bold, and dedicated community folks to
>experiment with projects like Teahouse, IdeaLab, Inspire, Individual
>Engagement Grants, and Reimagining Grants. I’ve seen you create some
>incredible content, ideas, tools, programs, processes, committees and
>organizations, all in the service of free knowledge.
>I expect my last day to be Thursday, February 25th. I have full
>in Maggie Dennis's abilities to lead the Community Engagement
>and I trust that my team will remain available to support the
>needs for grants and other resources throughout this time of
>Much love,
>Siko Bouterse
>Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
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