Dear Lila,

I woke up this morning and as usual I went for my WMF email with my coffee.

I woke up to read my ED implying that the employee discontent[1] was due
to, amongst other things:

> We’ve asked for adjustment in attitude towards work, our responsibilities and 
> professional relationships.
> We prioritised impact and performance so that we can provide more value to 
> our communities and the world.

Now, one easy way to read this, the most obvious one, is that the
attitude towards work of the WMF employees was somewhat not right or
unprofessional, and that we were lazy and not goal-driven.

I would find this inappropriate in an internal email, but you went to
state that in public, and I have to admit I find this is deeply
offending on a personal and professional level.

I restrained from expressing publicly any issues I might have
with your own performance; I would love you to not
spread covert allegations on my performace and professional attitude
(not specifically, but well, I'm part of the staff here right?).

For the first time in the two years since I joined the WMF I felt a
sour taste in my mouth for just sitting down to work.

Deeply sad,

"WMF Staff morale"
Giuseppe Lavagetto
Senior Technical Operations Engineer, Wikimedia Foundation

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