On 16-02-22 02:08 PM, Pine W wrote:
> Also in the long run I hope that the Wikimedia Foundation and our volunteer
> community will emerge strong, resilient, healthy, and vibrant.

I've not always agreed with you, Pine.  Not often, in fact.

But in this I think you will find broad agreement and a strong rallying cry.

I think staff and volunteers will always be a little at odd with each
other - even as they are part of each other.  I wore both hats, in a way
even before I was staff - and will always be a little of both even when
not employed by the WMF.  But, in the end, we're just working different
tacks to the same heading.

Regardless of how this resolves - and it /will/ resolve - the movement
will perdure and we'll forge on because we all share that vision.

-- Marc

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