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> On 02/21/2016 11:03 PM, Andreas Kolbe wrote:
>> So, if you speak of structurally connecting *open* sources, as a basis for
>> smart editing tools, you seem to be saying that such copyrighted yet
>> openly
>> accessible sources, as well as all genuinely paywalled sources, should be
>> excluded from these efforts.
>> If that's correct, and I am not misunderstanding what you mean to say here
>> (please correct me if I do!), how do you square it with the Wikimedia
>> vision?
> She did not say anything about excluding references to proprietary sources
> like those you mentioned above.  I think we're all in agreement they will
> still be referenced.

Thanks for your reply, Matt. At the Knowledge Engine FAQ on Meta, your
colleague Chris Koerner told me, when I asked what criteria a source will
have to fulfil in order to be included in the Knowledge Engine's search
results, that he personally believed "that not only should the sources be
open-access, but they should be in agreement with our other values, neutral
point of view, free license, etc."

So evidently we're not *all* in agreement.

> She described possible enhanced support for including/connecting to open
> data.  That may not be possible/advisable to do for proprietary data, which
> might require proprietary licenses or software.

Enhanced support for including/connecting open data could, I guess, benefit
both editors adding that data to a Wikimedia project's page (Magnus tweeted
an interesting application earlier today, see [[Falkensee]] in the English
Wikipedia) and commercial re-users.

> Of course, it depends on the actual details, but as an analogy think of
> how fair use images are allowed on some specific projects (e.g. English
> Wikipedia), but the central repositories (Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata)
> only include open content/data.

Thanks. That is a good analogy.

I see that there is now a record of a candid discussion between Lila and
the Discovery team of what happened with the Knowledge Engine project here:


That is good to see.

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