Chris, I think you are misreading something that I wrote.

On 2/28/16 1:03 AM, Chris Sherlock wrote:
> The Jimmy sent an email to the mailing list:
>> It was written at a time when there were efforts underway by
>> Patricio to get James to agree to a joint statement.  It is an
>> encouragement to James to be honest with the community about what
>> happened.  It is not a full explanation of what happened - he
>> already knew that.
> And yet, when he was advised by James that in fact that effort was
> spearheaded by James and not Patricio, he turns around and states
> that he didn’t know as he wasn’t involved.

Both of those things are true.  I knew they were talking, I didn't know
who who initiated it.

> Jimmy has just now written
> that it was the Wikimedia Foundation that “encouraged [him] to be
> honest with the community”. 

No, I said that I wrote him a personal letter to that effect.

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