Chris, I think you are misreading something that I wrote. 

> On 2/28/16 1:03 AM, Chris Sherlock wrote: 
> > The Jimmy sent an email to the mailing list: 
> > 
> >> It was written at a time when there were efforts underway by 
> >> Patricio to get James to agree to a joint statement. It is an 
> >> encouragement to James to be honest with the community about what 
> >> happened. It is not a full explanation of what happened - he 
> >> already knew that. 
> > 
> > And yet, when he was advised by James that in fact that effort was 
> > spearheaded by James and not Patricio, he turns around and states 
> > that he didn’t know as he wasn’t involved. 
> Both of those things are true. I knew they were talking, I didn't know who 
> who initiated it. 

Yes, but you need to be more clear. At the risk of playing semantic games, your 
exact words here are “efforts underway *by Patricio* to *get James to agree* to 
a joint statement. 

You are implying here that the effort was all on Patricio’s side, which has 
nothing to do with who initiated the conversation. I’m sure you didn’t mean 
that, but nonetheless you’ve said it now. 

Given that the Board asked James to leave their meeting, you wouldn’t be able 
to clarify a point that’s been puzzling me for some time?

1. When James was made to leave, then did anyone tell him that there was going 
to be a joint or prepared statement from the WMF? 
2. If so, did anyone ask James not to email the mailing list? And why did you 
feel that was so inappropriate? 
3. Please help me in understanding - do you feel that Chatham House Rules must 
apply in the removal of an executive even to the point they are unable to 
announce their own departure? 

> > Jimmy has just now written 
> > that it was the Wikimedia Foundation that “encouraged [him] to be 
> > honest with the community”. 
> No, I said that I wrote him a personal letter to that effect.

I follow, the mistake here is mine. I apologise for getting that wrong. 

Jimmy, will you respond to some of the other points I made? In particular, what 
you wrote to James was dreadful. Even if you feel that his actions were wrong, 
surely you can see that your inflammatory words are unbecoming of someone of 
your stature within the Wikimedia Foundation? 

There are a lot of other questions that have been asked, but that would be a 
reasonable start. I don’t think you quite grasp how many people were shocked at 
the way you dealt with James when he was removed. 


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