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> Since the "Mediawiki" trademark was lost to WMF the day you and
> Anthere placed the logo into public domain [1], how can the WMF now
> spin-off this new organization ?.

That's incorrect, putting something in the public domain does not
remove trademark rights. In fact, trademark rights are often on names,
which are almost without exception public domain copyrightwise.

> Am I  correct in assuming the Mediawiki software  can be forked by
> anybody interested along with attribution ?

Attribution only is not enough, it is licensed under GPL, which means
that a fork will also have to be under the same license. The essence
of the license is the same as that of the CC-BY-SA that Wikipedia is
under, the differences mostly have to do with technical points because
of the different way in which computer programs are used compared to
texts or artwork.

André Engels, andreeng...@gmail.com

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