Erik Moeller writes:

> == Potential test case: MediaWiki Foundation ==
> A "MediaWiki Foundation" has been proposed a few times and I
> suspect continues to have some currency within WMF.

This past January at the Developer Summit[1], there was an
unconference session for a meeting between the MediaWiki Stakeholders
(represented by Cindy Cicalese and myself) and the WMF[2].

This meeting was better attended by WMF staffers than I expected it to be
and, with the encouragement of some of those in attendance, we began a
series of follow-on meetings to explore interest in and discuss the process 
constructing an organisation focused on MediaWiki development -
not only for the WMF but also for third party users of MediaWiki
(including, as Erik hinted, organisations as diverse the W3C, NASA,
NATO, major oil companies and pharmaceuticals).

We've since held three meetings[3][4][5] and have planned two more.
During the meeting planned for about six weeks from now[6], we intend
to have a format that allows us to respond to questions or concerns from
the larger community.

If you would like to be a part of the planning and creation of this
organisation, please contact myself, Cindy Cicalese, or Markus Glaser. We 
welcome your input.


Mark A. Hershberger
NicheWork LLC

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