Den 2016-04-09 kl. 12:51, skrev Fæ:
leaving your seat should be made to appear like a
royal abdication or the result of failure.

Yes, another option to secure a continuity of members in the board would be to accept resignations will occur and then have the community election to end formally in a number of "reserves". and that these reserves are to be elected by the Board if resignation occurs. As the community election today only gives three candidates for the Board to elect (or reject), the number four must be seen as a runner up, to be selected by the Board if they do not approve any of the first three. This reasoning was also reflected in the stating by the election community in early January and the election of Maria as a replacement for James by the Board. To extend the same reasoning this time is stretching it a bit far, time since last election is further away, and number five in the election has at least by me never been seen as a runnerup. If the Board in their selection after a community election were to reject two candidates I would consider a reelection more relevant then to go further down the list .

But a bylection is quite costly to set up and run centrally and also for the whole community. So perhaps we should be broadminded in thinking how could fill the empty seat after Danny


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