Just a few comments more broadly about what I hope WMF will look for in an

(1) Realistically, I don't think that we're going to find a single human
being who can do everything that the WMF ED should do. With that in mind,
I'd like to suggest placing a lot of emphasis on this recommendation that's
already on Meta: "Proven track record for building great teams (can
properly evaluate people, make good hires)", and expand that to *building
great cross-functional teams* and *building great executive teams*.

(2) It's also important that the ED know when to cut losses. That means
that they need to have the courage and self-confidence to initiate
difficult conversations and make decisions when programs or people are
underperforming or are not good fits. Being a good manager often involves
being supportive, and it also involves holding programs and people

I think that I've said enough in this thread, so I'll pause my involvement
here for the time being.

Onward and upward (:

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