Denny, regarding "The formal task force was created end of October. This
task force involved outside legal counsel and conducted professional fact

Who was on the task force, besides you and Patricio? What do you mean by
"professional fact finding?"

Regarding, "The official task force, set up by the Trustees, worked under
the standards of keeping confidentiality, obviously. I thought this goes
without saying, but I am explicating it."

This is still ambiguous. Was the new task force expecting James to share
information that was given to him on the understanding he wouldn't share

As a general point, crises always start out messy. That you moved from an
ad hoc inquiry to a formal one is perfectly normal. Characterising the
initial attempt to understand the situation as "unprofessional" and the
next (that excluded James) as "professional", if that's what you're doing,
strikes me as a bit sly.

Anthony Cole

On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 6:56 AM, Fæ <> wrote:

> On 2 May 2016 at 23:27, James Heilman <> wrote:
> ...
> > On the other hand, I however, had requested multiple times before the
> > November board meeting to see what information those 5 investigation
> board
> > members were looking at. I was denied access to these details. Some of
> the
> > documents contained key information I only become aware of in the last
> > couple of months.
> *This* is breathtakingly crappy governance by the WMF board. Trustees
> are trustees, there's no "grade A" trusted trustees and lesser "grade
> B" less trusted trustees.
> We are overdue to clear out the self-selected "grade A" trustees that
> have become far too used to claiming that they are irreplaceable and
> have unique talents. There's a vast pool of community members with
> fantastic experience to choose from, and who have absolutely no
> undeclared commercial conflicts of interest, or are seeking to puff up
> the 'tech' side of their resumeés, so they can charge higher fees for
> speaking engagements or attract contracts as special advisors for
> politicians.
> Thanks for factually explaining events more clearly James.
> Fae
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