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> A journalist friend said to me that he "finally found something that
> Wikipedia doesn't have" and he was surprised.  What was that, I said?
> "The history of Wells Fargo".

> Go to http://www.wikipedia.org/
> Make sure the dropdown in the search box is set to 'EN' - which it would
> have been for him.

> the search results page.  This is the one with a huge box of options at the
> top (which will be confusing and frightening to people who aren't
> already wikipedians)

I think that depends on the skin used. When logged put (so with
default skin) I get a toolbar with the options to which your refer
hidden behind its "advanced search" option.

> and then by my count the desired article is 13th on
> the page: [[History of Wells Fargo]].
> Now, I strongly suspect this could be fixed by making a redirect from
> [[Wells Fargo history]] to [[History of Wells Fargo]].

I've made the former a disambiguation page (not a redirect) linking to:

* The [[History of Wells Fargo]]
* The [[Wells Fargo History Museum]]

You could have done that, too!

Andy Mabbett

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