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> I was friends with Kevin and talked to him often over email. He was a
> tireless advocate of addressing the gender gap on Wikipedia and making the
> projects less toxic. Besides his significant volunteer work on-wiki, he was
> also a moderator of the gendergap mailing list (a difficult and thankless
> job). He was always an advocate for those whose voices were not being heard
> or those who were afraid to speak up due to fear of being attacked. He ran
> for English Wikipedia ArbCom last year, and addressed some of these issues
> in his candidate statement: "Our encyclopedia aims to encompass the sum of
> all human knowledge - a lofty goal that we cannot possibly accomplish
> unless we take steps to ensure that, to borrow from a recent public
> comment, we’re sending no demographic into a cultural buzzsaw."
> Kevin was one of the countless unsung heroes of our movement, and his
> passing is a tragic loss. I hope we can pay tribute to his memory by
> continuing to work towards addressing the gender gap and eliminating
> harassment on our projects.
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