On 21/12/2016 02:53, Newyorkbrad wrote:
I think it might be useful to focus on how any of the proposed changes
to the law would affect Wikipedia/Wikimedia specifically, apart from
the broader philosophical discussion.  Is there a good link for
exactly what changes to the safe harbor laws are being considered, as
opposed to the more general statement that there's a discussion of
scaling them back?

It wouldn't have any effect. Apparently the WMF get a little over 40 DMCA requests a year in 2015 a massive 12 tick all the boxes. In 2016+ its not an onerous task to make sure that those 12 items stay off the site. One could even get the bosom pals at Google to finger print the uploads. Though they are probably more than pleased to have the WMF play the existential card for them.

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