No need, it's on webarchive:

Unlike Wikimedia projects, Webarchive has a long term plan that one
would expect of a digital archive, so it's a much safer space for
historical documents.

I stopped asking about an equivalent realistic Wikimedia 100 year plan
a couple of years back. The $100m endowment thingy controlled by Jimmy
does not have this as a goal either, as far as I can tell.


On 12 January 2017 at 00:41, Newyorkbrad <> wrote:
> If it is decided not to host these materials on a wiki, whether for
> copyright or any other reasons, then someone (either in the Office or
> a volunteer) should be designated to retain a copy privately.  That
> way, he or she will be able to upload it later if the copyright status
> or policy changes in the future, or to make it available offline for
> research use or consultation by historians or other researchers who
> could make good use of it.
> Newyorkbrad/IBM
> On 1/11/17, Pete Forsyth <> wrote:
>> Thank you for bringing this up, Yann. Some relevant context is that Meta
>> Wiki users considered permitting such files on Meta Wiki a year and a half
>> ago, and decided not to. The electorate was not very big (14 votes, total),
>> but it was carefully considered, with compelling arguments made on both
>> sides.[1]
>> In my opinion, the best outcome would be that Meta Wiki should have an
>> Exemption Doctrine Policy (the board's name for a project's local policy
>> that would permit copyrighted files under specific circumstances)[2] I
>> think the Meta Wiki decision should be revisited and considered in more
>> depth, with more participation, and probably reversed (with some careful
>> work on defining the proper circumstances for an exemption).
>> But of course, that's not an easy task. I have no ready answer, but am
>> interested to see what ideas others have.
>> -Pete
>> [[User:Peteforsyth]]
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 3:04 PM, Yann Forget <> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I would like to get more opinions about what to do with files such as
>>> This is a draft from a United Nations conference which mentions Wikipedia
>>> (the first and only AFAIK), and as such, an important historical document.
>>> It doesn't have a formal license, but there is no real copyright issue.
>>> Where and how should we keep such files?
>>> Regards,
>>> Yann Forget

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