On 02/07/2017 12:07 PM, Bill Takatoshi wrote:
Anyone can go to Recent Changes and send a SurveyMonkey link to the
most recent few hundred editors with contributions at least a year
old, to get an accurate answer.

Will a respected member of the community please do this? I would like
to know what the actual editing community thinks of the travel ban and
their idea of an appropriate response. I don't want to see community
governance by opt-in participation in obscure RFCs.

I would offer to do this myself, but I value keeping my real name
unassociated with my enwiki userid.

Conducting a survey can have unforeseen challenges and impacts. A page worth reviewing before running a survey:

The Wikimedia Foundation also offers support for those running surveys (which is a different thing from persuading the WMF to run a survey itself):


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