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> The
> people who are loudest in their demands for consensus do not represent the
> Wikimedia movement.
> The voices loudest for the WMF doing something against the Trump
> administration are not representative of the Wikimedia movement either...
> they have been WMF employees and those closest to them. This is maybe why
> most non-profits hire EDs from outside the organization then from within.
> As you show, Gerard, there has been no effort to find out what the movement
> thinks, and that may have been those behind the statement and amicus brief
> just assumed everybody would agree with them. The world is not San
> Francisco.


I'm sorry but I cannot let that being said.

You are judging a lot of people quickly and harshly. The Wikimedia movement
employees all around the globe ARE wikimedians. They are part of the
movement as much as you and everyone in that thread is.

I am sorry, but your statement is definitly not ok. Being a volunteer
doesn't provide us with a bonus in engagement to our movement. They are
comited and engaged people, we have to respect that.

Second, you also pass judgement regarding our ED discreetly, again judging
without knowing. But Katherine is not where she is by chance but because it
is preceded by a long comitment to our values. Shall I remind you that back
in 2007 in another org, UNICEF, she was working on mediawiki. Looping back
to the first part actually, she was a wikimedian long before being an
employee, and that goes for a lot of the staff, not just her.

Finally, no the world is not San Francisco. And funnily enoug, in the board
there's only one person from San Francisco and two from the US (the second
being Jimmy and he no longer lives in the US). So you are definitly right,
the world is not San Francisco. It's much wider. And being able for the
movement's staff and volunteers to freely travel and exchange is key to our
success. Hence our standing regarding that specific Executive Order as it
prevents us, as an organization, and as a movement, to fullfill our

I am sorry if my email sounds harsh, but please do keep in mind that you're
passing a judgement on people that work countless hours with a huge
comitment to the movement they belong to.

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