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> [...]
> The way that you phrase your questions sometimes comes across to me as
> having an edge than is more confrontational than I think is necessary, and
> I am finding the tone to be a distraction from what is, I think, our mutual
> goal of trying to align WMF more with the community. Sometimes carrots work
> better than sticks. I have a long list of changes that I would like WMF to
> make, but cultural change is a long term process, and sometimes patience
> works better than demands.

Unfortunately cultural change is unlikely to happen against a background of
perpetual unwarranted self-congratulation and complacency.  A clear
articulation of areas needing improvement and suggestions for ways of
improving may not always make for comfortable reading, but I make no
apology for presenting that position.  I would have been happy to have been
able to be more detailed in my suggestions, but it seems to me that the
Foundation is, and has been for some time, unable or unwilling to
acknowledge, let alone respond to or engage with, the attempts by numerous
community members to initiate a serious engagement.  Perhaps your
experience in this area has been better, and if so, I would be pleased to
hear from you what your successes have been and how you have achieved them.

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