Hi Amir,

I have a request and/or question. I've got the idea from "Incident report".
> When things don't go as planned in servers, we write an incident report and
> try to learn from lapses happened. Now my question is. Has something
> similar done for chapters that get de-recognized? Do you want to talk to
> volunteers in those chapters and investigate why this happened so other
> chapters can learn and fix mistakes early on?

You're right that we ought to learn as much as we can from these situations
so we (as a movement) can support new affiliates better in future.

However in most of these cases the volunteers involved have moved on to
other things. If they aren't responding to contacts from WMF or AffCom
about the likely de-recognition of their chapter they probably also won't
respond to contacts asking for their input into a washup report.

Affcom and some WMF staff might have some insight, but it if that was going
to be documented publically then it would be important to do it in a way
that doesn't look like people are just pointing fingers at individuals.

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