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> 2017-06-23 23:48 GMT+03:00 Pine W <wiki.p...@gmail.com>:
> > Could you elaborate on the benefits of this timetable change for people
> who
> > are not involved with affiliates?
> Starting from this assumption, and considering the fact that even the
> most active wikimedians (not involved in a chapter) have real life
> commitments that do not allow them to follow this process carefully,
> it is obvious that the main responsibility of the team that
> coordinates the process should have been outreach. In my particular
> geographic area, Track B contributors were engaged with only 2 weeks
> prior to the end of the last cycle, which is hardly enough time to
> read, understand, and think about the vast quantity of material
> available in the strategy process.
> I am an active Wikimedia not involved in a Chapter. In Round 1, I was
pretty active, and in the Russian Wikivoyage we collected quite some
feedback and translated it into English. It was essentially ignored. None
of us participated in Round 2 since we thought it is a waste of time. Round
2 was organized in the same way as Round 1 (many discussions opened i n
different places, meaning there is no possibility to really discuss
anything, merely to leave one's opinion). I have corresponding pages on 3
projects on my watchlists (with is 15 pages, and this is a lot), but I have
not seen in these discussions anything new not said before in Round 1. May
be smth useful would come out from other tracks, but I am not really
looking forward to Track B Round 3 either. I believe it is completely
failed, and individual contributors did not have a chance to form a
considated opinion. The message for me is essentially: If you want to be
heard, find a chapter or a thematic organization first. I hope the next
process will be organized differently in 10 years from now.

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