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> This thread is going in many directions, and I'm enjoying reading the
> conversation.
> If I may go back to some questions that I asked in my earlier post, I would
> like to hear from Katherine (or someone else at WMF, perhaps Anna):

First, some context... a good deal of this has been iterative by design. We
had an overarching idea of where we were headed (e.g. a shared direction
first, roles and responsibilities second), but then we knew we would learn
to refine or course correct based on what we hear.

We've been hearing to extend the timeline on all fronts--organized groups
and affiliates (e.g., time for conversation), on wiki (e.g., time for
translation and conversation) and new voices and experts (e.g., "we've seen
all of the data but our communities have yet to see and reflect upon
it")... so that is the background reasoning.

> * How much is this timeline extension projected to cost, and from what
> source are the funds being drawn? (Note that this doesn't assume that the
> decision was a bad one, but I very much want to know the source of the
> funds and how much is likely to be drawn from it.)

We've got this covered, Pine. We are fiscally managing this process and all
of our contracts well. Thank you for your concern.

> * Could you elaborate on the benefits of this timetable change for people
> who are not involved with affiliates? We've seen some responses from
> Strainu and Yaroslov (thank you both!) and I would like to hear WMF's
> perspective.

The benefits of the change in the timetable are that 4/4 stakeholder groups
told us that this was a meaningful exercise, that they are earnestly
engaged in thinking about the future, and that they need more time for
translation and conversation on this important subject. 3/4 tracks are non
affiliates (on-wiki, new voices, experts).

We agreed with them. These are meaningful conversations. We are learning a
lot and we need to hear what people have to say and they need more time to
say it.

> * Could you also discuss what measures are being taken to control costs in
> the strategy process?

We have plenty of measures in place to monitor costs (e.g., we don't need
to control them because they are not out of control, we are within our
budget). Also, describing financial metrics at any lower level of detail
would be a waste of the strategy budget since we are within it.

Always good to hear from you,

> Thanks,
> Pine
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