> TL;DR: A short test of a new banner concept will help us decide if it's
> worth iteration and improvement.
> Here's a link to the banner:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple?banner=dsk_p1_lg_
> right10&country=US&force=1

I appreciate that you're trying to innovate, and this requires pushing
boundaries. I also appreciate that the WMF fundraising principle "minimal
disruption"[1] is subjective thing - and that the WMF has traditionally
taken this to mean "be disruptive for the shortest period" rather than "be
less disruptive overall, even if it takes longer".
However, I do feel that *resizing all the article content to the left, and
occupying the entire right side third of the screen with a donation request
that follows me as I scroll *is significantly more than minimally
disruptive. Personally, I would request that this design approach not be
pursued on that basis.

-Liam / Wittylama

p.s. Also, on my screen at least, the "x" dismiss button in the top-right
is so small that it hides under Chrome's translucent scrollbar

[1] that https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fundraising_principles#Fundraising
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