The sidebar version is less offensive than the top banner on my widescreen 
desktop. The message and text sizing is also better in the sidebar version

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Hi all, it's Sam from the online fundraising team. I wanted to give you a heads 
up about a desktop banner we'd like to test before the official launch of our 
'Big English' fundraising banner campaign on Tuesday, November 28.

TL;DR: A short test of a new banner concept will help us decide if it's worth 
iteration and improvement.

Here's a link to the banner:

This banner would run against our current best desktop large banner; here's 
that link:

Undoubtedly, it's an unusual format; that's why we felt it appropriate to give 
you a heads up :) We haven't tried a vertical 'banner on the side' in recent 
memory, and it'll be useful to see exactly how this type of content performs.

This test would run for 1 to 2 hours, and then we'd evaluate results to see if 
it's worth spending any more time on the concept. For now, we're simply hiding 
the banner all together below 920px, as at smaller viewports it begins to 
interfere with site navigation elements.

If you have thoughts on this design, please share them here. There will be more 
opportunities for you to weigh in if this banner variant looks promising enough 
to keep testing.

Regards and sincere thanks for all you do.

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