Sam, Thanks for the heads up!  Is there any measure of the negative impact
of a banner (in distraction, self-reported annoyance, abandoned sessions),
separate from its fundraising impact?  I imagine some very noticeable
banners will have high positives as well as negatives; then the question
would be what tradeoffs to make.

On side banners: have there been recent experiments with a thin side banner
in the l.h.s. column?

For this test (happen to be on a Win machine today):  Win/IE has render
troubles; covers some of the r.h.s. of the page. Win/Chrome doesn't show it
at all for me; even when turning off all extensions.  The corner 'x' is
hard to see.  text in some boxes is cut off ('Other').   It's not clear how
'Other' works.
Generally: looks busy.  Recurring issues:  Loading after the rest of the
page can be confusing on slow connections.  Underlined text in the quote
that isn't a hyperlink is confusing (and could link to appropriate detail).

Warmly, SJ

On Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 2:12 PM, Samuel Patton <>

> Hi all, it's Sam from the online fundraising team. I wanted to give you a
> heads up about a desktop banner we'd like to test before the official
> launch of our 'Big English' fundraising banner campaign on Tuesday,
> November 28.
> TL;DR: A short test of a new banner concept will help us decide if it's
> worth iteration and improvement.
> Here's a link to the banner:
> right10&country=US&force=1
> This banner would run against our current best desktop large banner; here's
> that link:
> dsk_p1_lg_template&force=1&country=US
> Undoubtedly, it's an unusual format; that's why we felt it appropriate to
> give you a heads up :) We haven't tried a vertical 'banner on the side' in
> recent memory, and it'll be useful to see exactly how this type of content
> performs.
> This test would run for 1 to 2 hours, and then we'd evaluate results to see
> if it's worth spending any more time on the concept. For now, we're simply
> hiding the banner all together below 920px, as at smaller viewports it
> begins to interfere with site navigation elements.
> If you have thoughts on this design, please share them here. There will be
> more opportunities for you to weigh in if this banner variant looks
> promising enough to keep testing.
> Regards and sincere thanks for all you do.
> Sam
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