Hello everyone,

The executive leadership team, on behalf of the Foundation, would like to issue 
a statement of unequivocal support for the Code of Conduct[1] and the 
community-led Code of Conduct Committee. We believe that the development and 
implementation of the Code are vital in ensuring the healthy functioning of our 
technical communities and spaces. The Code of Conduct was created to address 
obstacles and occasionally very problematic personal communications that limit 
participation and cause real harm to community members and staff. In engaging 
in this work we are setting the tone for the ways we collaborate in tech. We 
are saying that treating others badly is not welcome in our communities. And we 
are joining an important movement in the tech industry to address these 
problems in a way that supports self-governance consistent with our values.

This initiative is critical in continuing the amazing work of our projects and 
ensuring that they continue to flourish in delivering on the critical vision of 
being the essential infrastructure of free knowledge now and forever.

Toby, Maggie, Eileen, Heather, Lisa, Katherine, Jaime, Joady, and Victoria


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